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Company History

YunDing Tech Co.,Ltd.(YDT) originated in the Japanese firm and established from 1996 in Taiwan. In response to the change of trend ,we made the business integrated in 2008 and set up Customer Service Center in Taiwan . The main operation is the relative design, the production and selling of the high brightness LCD modules, back light modules .

In holding the belief of "innovation, integrity and freedom" and putting our company in the position of ¡§specialization in electro-optical engineering and precision technology¡¨, we focus on the R&D of ultra-thin LCD modules, highlighted backlight modulest and product services.

Persevering in technology and R&D, and with much cooperative experience in OEM / ODM, we market our products to the well-known customers all over the world. Our outstanding technology and product service will meet your need and even beyond your expectations, because we want you to enjoy the reality, the purity and the beauty of the information life.

In 2014 - through the profession in photoelectric career and related patents, we successfully developed the finished product which is related to photoelectricity - biological bluelight box.

In 2016 - We further developed other photoelectric finished products - double-sided display with ultra-thin thickness, which owns the sense of technology and beauty, our displays were greatly used in casino and POS machine industry.

In 2017 - the new photoelectric products, light therapy beauty equipment, has borned, and the international ISO certificate is in process.


Integrity ¡V sincerity for you, worthy of trust and dedication to the profession.
Innovation - innovation of product, concept and implementation.
Freedom - self-accomplishment, in pursuit of excellence and creation of value.


Entrepreneurial spirit



1F., No. 67, Deyi Rd., Toufen City, Miaoli County 351, Taiwan
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